Did you get accurate and useful information about sex growing up?

Did you get accurate and useful information about sex growing up?

“Sex wasn’t God’s big mistake. Judging against sex was humanity’s big mistake. Pleasure is as divine as any cathedral, any temple.” ~Deepak Chopra


Growing up, most of us did not get accurate and useful information about sex from our however-well-meaning families, schools and friends. That was certainly the case for me growing up in the 1960’s and 70’s in St. Louis, Missouri.  The primary instruction I received was that sex is dangerous and should be saved for marriage.  However, in my teens I had so much sexual energy running that wanted to learn and experiment, but I did not know how. As a result I very conflicted as confused.  Can you identify with my early experience around sex?


Fortunately, as adults today, we can make new choices around our sexuality. At SexCoaching.com, we provide accurate and useful information everything from sexual anatomy to the most advanced techniques for maximizing your capacity to give and receive erotic pleasure. We have five coaches, each with different perspectives and backgrounds, so you can choose whoever is best for you.


For more information on our process for living you erotic potential, we invite you to visit our website.  As a way of saying thank you we are offering a complimentary 20 minute phone consultation for you to find out how SexCoaching.com can benefit you.