Erotic Skills and Knowledge

Erotic Skills and Knowledge

Growing up, most of us did not get accurate and useful information about sex from families, schools and well-meaning friends. That was certainly the case for me growing up in the 1960’s and 70’s in St. Louis, Missouri.  The primary instruction I received was that sex is dangerous and should be saved for marriage. However, I in my teens I had so much sexual energy running that wanted to learn and experiment, but I did not know how.  As a result I very conflicted as confused.  Many of the clients I coach have had similar experiences.

Fortunately, as adults today, there are many, many resources available to learn about sex and acquire erotic skill and knowledge to enhance our love lives. Part of the challenge to day is data over-load and conflicting information.  At we provide accurate and useful information everything from sexual anatomy to the most advanced. Living your erotic potential beings with good knowledge and skills.

What are some of the things you were taught about sex when you were growing up?  Please post your comments below.

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