Remembering our Veterans

Two of the most import things we can do this Memorial Day weekend is to take a moment remember the service of our fallen military members and to thank and to thank a veteran and their family.     The recent demands place on our military as been extraordinary.    Among our return veterans PTSD, depression , physical injury, and sexual dysfunction are common.    As a society are responsible to help our vets and their family regain wholeness.


As a veteran myself, I hold a special place in my heart for both active duty military members and veterans. I served in the U.S. Marine Corps as a Reconnaissance Platoon Commander with the Third Marine Division. In addition to being a Marine, I had the honor of training along side Navy Seals, Airborne Soldiers and members of the USAF.  Through this background I have gained deep insight into the challenges of veterans as they relate to sexuality.  If you are a veteran, be sure to indicate that on your sign-up sheet and you will be moved to the ‘front of the line’ in signing up for our SexCoaching services.

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