kiss-again1. How and where are the coaching sessions conducted?

Typically coaching session are done by telephone from the convenience and privacy of your home or office. Upon request, we can schedule a Skype session, or if you live in or are visiting Boulder, we may be able to set up a face-to-face session.

2. How is this different from Tantra?

While we are grateful to the teachings of ancient tantra and neo-tantra, the SexCoaching.com practices go beyond them, to include integrating the ‘shadow aspects’ of sexuality.

3. What are the ‘shadow aspects’ of sexuality?

That all depends on what is ‘taboo’ for the individual or couple. One person’s edge may be having sex in non-traditional setting such as nature, another’s might be consciously playing with BDSM, still another’s might be moving beyond the dyad to experience sex with a threesomes and moresome. It is all up to you (and your partners) to decide.

4. Do you do hands-on work with your clients?

While all topics of sex are open for conversation, we do not offer hands-on work with clients. We will, however, provide instructions and homework assignments which may include moving sexual energy through the body and intimate touch of yourself.

5. Are you open to working with polyamorous singles and couples?

Absolutely. We support both monogamous and consensual-nonmonogamous lifestyles.

6. How do I pay for SexCoaching.com services?

See payment option located under top menu. While single session are available, a minimum of six (6) sessions provide the most significant results.

7. What do you have to offer Military Veterans?

Click here to visit our “Coaching and Mentoring for Veterans” Page.

8. How do I get started?

Complete your request for a free 20 minutes session so that we can determine if SexCoaching.com is right for you.