Harvey Logan

HarveyHarvey is the founder of Masculine Edge and company created to help men successfully attract and relate to women though connecting fully to their most noble and honorable aspects of themselves as well as the shadow and primal parts that are often shamed and discouraged. The result is great men with huge sex appeal. In addition to helping men, Harvey is a facilitator of possibilities and pleasure for women. He has help numerous women reconnect to, receive, and experience pleasure beyond the capacity that they had previously been able to receive, and in some cases beyond what was believed to be possible.

Harvey has been a Massage Therapist for the last 15 years and is also a Orgasmic Meditation Practitioner, as well as an Access Consciousness Bars and Body Process Facilitator and Practitioner. Some of Harvey’s teachers and studies include: The Personal Success Institute’s, Basic Course, Life Success Course, and Men’s Leadership Course. Alison Armstrong’s, Celebrating Partnership, Understanding Women, In Sync With The Opposite Sex, The Queens Code, and The Amazing Development Of Men. David Deida’s Way Of The Superior Man, The Enlightened Sex Manual, and Finding God Through Sex, and there are many more.  Harvey is also skilled at navigating and helping others to navigate both traditional styles of relating like monogamy as well as different styles of relating like Polyamory.