Our Process

1609800_783870171662717_4527595575467931071_nWe were all born to be great lovers, yet few truly live their full erotic potential.  We all want to love and be loved fully and to experience true ecstasy through these miraculous bodies. Yet for most, the fulfillment of these desires, which is our birthright, remains elusive. SexCoaching.com is for that man, woman or couple who will not settle for reaching less  than living their full erotic potential, and experiencing the ecstatic states which come with it.


SexCoaching is not psychotherapy. SexCoaching.com is for the individual or couple who wants to experience extraordinary sex and intimacy. We are talking lasting transformation, not a temporary thrill which fades away over time. If you are single, and desiring a conscious relationship, we will work together to get very clear what you desire and help you develop a plan and mindset to bring that new lover into your life. If you are currently in relationship, we will help you to be the best lover you can be in that relationship.


We honor all sexual orientations and relationship dynamics. Whether you identify as monogamous or polyamorous, or something in between, you are welcome here. Our approach is eclectic, drawing upon ancient wisdom as well as modern science. It is tailored to meet your specific desired outcomes. We will work together in integrating and optimizing the following:



  • Erotic1Desire and Passion – What is your deepest desire, and what are you most passionate about? Being fully alive in following your longing, your bliss, is very sexually attractive in itself. We will help you to get clear about your desire, so you can begin living in a state of flow as opposed to resistance.
  • Presence and Polarity – these two attributes go hand and hand. Without the capacity to hold presence, strong polarity cannot be realized. Sexual polarity is the pull of attraction between the masculine and feminine energies. The greater the sexual polarity the greater the attraction.
  • Erotic Knowledge and Skill – While not sufficient by themselves, erotic knowledge and skills are required to enjoy optimal erotic loving. They include: the appreciation of the female and male anatomy; knowing how, where and when to touch your partner; and understanding the flow of orgasmic energy within and between you and your partner.
  • Vitality, Energy and Circuitry – Vitality is the capacity to move and transform energy. Although often associated with youth, this capacity need not decline with age. On the contrary, with proper diet, exercise, and care of the body/mind, sexual vitality in both men and women can increase with age. We will explore how to maximize your sexual vitality and fully open your sexual circuitry.
  • Safely Exploring Your Erotic Edges – Your sexual shadow, often labeled taboo, contains enormous energy for healing and enjoyment. Because these areas are often associated with fear and shame, they are often disowned or held at bay. In order to show up fully as an erotic lover, you must bring all of you, including your shadow. Through this work you will learn how to safely explore your erotic edges and integrate them within yourself and your intimate relating.

Once you are accepted as a client, confidential coaching occurs on a one-to-one basis, over the telephone. If you are ready to take the first step in becoming the lover you were meant to be, email us at the address above, or compete our contact form.